How Genuine the Project is ?

Everyday a question which every outsourcing consulting advisor face are

  1. How Legitimate the process is ?
  2. Second leading question is how much legitimate the consultant is ?

Both the Question are absolutely correct and valid before enrolling for any process. As per my survey we realized the above two question mostly arises from new start up centers, newly registered company or center without having any experience into BPO Industry.

Yes that’s absolutely true , if a client who has well established business with 100s of millions Dollar turnover, why would he outsource anything to start-up BPO without experience.

Here is when a consulting agency plays a critical role of managing the client expectations and also establishing the business benefit of the contact centre or a start-up firm

I understand it is very difficult to believe any consultant in this spoiled market but We never shout to prove our authenticity in fact it should be checked by the contact centre

An advisory firm our role is to bridge between the contact centre and an outsourcing client. It is consultant’s duty to get the expected qualitative productivity from a contact centre and also should secure the contact centre on timely payouts, training support, project management guidance, management development programs.

Some contact center always ask for reference centres to check consultants legitimacy but they forget to notice that tomorrow there centre can also be shown as references. We should know that “there is nothing called Reference Centre”. It’s a myth. No contact centre entertain any visitor just to showcase their work and existing projects rather they should focus on:

  • Reliability on Consultant and then authenticity
  • Look for projection plan of projects
  • People management and their support
  • Micro management and training provided